The Good, the Bad and the Eww of Earwax Removal

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses ear wax removal and cautions against overdoing it.  Ear wax (or cerumen) is good for your ears, providing protection against infection and disease.  Removal should only be required when the wax is excessive and causing problems with hearing or discomfort.  Care with removal is needed to prevent injury, damage hearing, or cause burns.

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Allergies Increasing, Especially in Children

Allergies are becoming more common, especially in children.  Nearly half of all children suffer from allergies.  A recent report on NPR details theories on why allergies are becoming more common and why some kids suffer and others do not.  Also discussed are available treatments, especially immunotherapy or allergy shots, which are the most effective treatment.  At Wyoming Otolaryngology we also offer immunotherapy via allergy drops for adults and children, which are safer, more comfortable, and more convenient than the traditional allergy shots.

See the full report at: To Sniff Out Childhood Allergies, Researchers Head To The Farm

FDA Issues Cease and Desist to Online Hearing Tests

At Academy’s Urging, FDA Issues Cease and Desist Letter to hi HealthInnovations

Based on conversations between the American Academy of Audiology and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the FDA has issued a cease and desist letter with regard to the online hearing test offered by hi HealthInnovations. The Academy began discussions with the FDA in early November 2011 and was instrumental in the Agency’s investigation of this matter.

In the letter, which may be viewed here, the FDA asserts that hi HealthInnovations is in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which requires marketing clearance or approval of devices by the FDA. The test is considered a device under the Act as its intended use is diagnostic in nature. The standards set forward in the Act are crafted to ensure patient safety as well as the efficacy of devices. The FDA has deemed hi HealthInnovations’ lack of adherence as a violation.

“The Academy is pleased to see that our multi-faceted approach to addressing the patient safety concerns associated with the hi HealthInnovations online hearing test and online hearing aid purchase continues to be effective,” said Academy President Therese Walden. “We will persist in our efforts on all fronts to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of hearing health care.”

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Snoring, mouth-breathing tots more likely to develop behavioral problems

Recent research published in the journal Pediatrics demonstrates that infants that snore have an increased risk of developing hyperactivity and behavioral problems by reaching school age.  The study looked at over 11,000 children over a six year period and confirmed and strengthened earlier research on the affect of sleep on childhood behavior and learning.  Parents are encouraged to seek evaluation from their pediatrician or an ear, nose, and throat specialist if they have concerns about their child snoring or having trouble with sleep.  See the complete news article here.