Billie Jean is Not My Brother (Hearing Matters.)

It’s happened to all of us: we’ve heard something one way over and over again and our brains hold on to that misconception as fact, because it’s natural for us to trust what we hear with our own ears–even if it’s mixed up due to hearing loss, like misheard song lyrics.

You know the scene, we’ve all been there. Dancing around the kitchen with your family, or perhaps driving down the highway with your best friend, maybe even at a karaoke bar with coworkers after a long day–just enjoying the music playing over the speakers when one of your very favorites comes on: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

You take in a deep breath, ready to wow ‘em with your spectacular memorization of the lyrics and your seriously impressive vocal range–you’ve belted this one at the top of your lungs a thousand times, and it never gets old.


Nailed it. Until–

“Um… you mean lover, right?”


“Billie Jean is not my lover. Those are the correct lyrics.”

Sure enough, a quick Google search proves that what your audience has stated is true. The song is about Billie Jean, who is in fact, not someone’s brother. But the lover part is debatable, apparently.

Hearing matters–don’t let hearing loss steal your stage. Contact us today for a hearing evaluation to help get your hearing health off on the right foot–or, the right lyrics.

What To Expect

Visiting the hearing experts at Wyoming Otolaryngology for the first time? There’s no better care than what you’ll experience here. You are in for a pleasant experience that is interesting, informative, and a great beginning to better understand your hearing and communication.

At your visit, your hearing healthcare provider will learn more about you, your needs, and your history to create a good baseline for what factors have influenced your hearing and how to work towards a solution. Your evaluation will be a comfortable experience that will produce results and be tailored to your hearing goals.

Often your appointment is coupled together with our Audiology and Ear, Nose, and Throat medical team to obtain a full picture of function (audiology) and anatomy (medical). Our team approach provides you the best in industry, all-in-one care, and streamlined solutions. Bring someone such as a friend, family member or spouse with you to visit; you’ll be sure to get more out of your visit if someone close to you can share in the experience. Your hearing professional will also gain insights from learning about your hearing abilities from someone close to you.

Even if your hearing seems normal, a hearing evaluation is a great opportunity to learn how to protect your hearing, and once a baseline is documented, it’s much easier to monitor hearing health at the years go by with your continued involvement with noisy hobbies, work, music, or recreational activities. You are in great hands with the Wyoming Otolaryngology team as your hearing health care providers.

Now that you know what to expect—what are you waiting for?! Call to make your hearing evaluation appointment today at 307.577.4240.