Celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month With Wyoming Otolaryngology

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! What better time to treat yourself to some of the wonderful, rich sounds the season has to offer:

  • Baby coo-ings
  • Birds singing
  • Coffee brewing
  • I love yous
  • Rainstorms

Hearing connects us to our closest reality in current time.  With hearing loss, however, it may seem that we lose track of the present and remember the things that we ‘used to hear’. We recall sounds of the past, but how correctly do we remember them?

Hearing loss skews the memory and studies have verified there is a connection between memory and hearing loss.  With a current hearing evaluation, we can capture a starting point and current status of hearing. This is called baseline hearing documentation, which is very important should an accident occur causing head injury or noise exposure damage.

Should a hearing loss be discovered during the baseline evaluation, this signifies the beginning of treatment. Should the hearing loss need medical treatment, or non-medical treatment, our office has both options available.  We offer the best hearing solutions (hearing devices/hearing aids) available to help you best experience your place of work, family, social gatherings and gatherings, allowing you to make the right choice for your personal needs. 

May is a great time to learn about your hearing status and explore, if warranted, the right hearing devices to hear correctly the sounds of spring. Call the office at 307-577-4240 to celebrate Better Hearing Month with the gift of better hearing from Wyoming Otolaryngology.


We are open to serve you and your family. Please note a change to our in-office schedule until June 1, 2020, or otherwise posted on our website (wyo-oto.com). Also available are Tele-Health with our MDs or Nurse Practitioner and Tele-Audiology with a Hearing Instrument Specialist 

Updated schedule:

Monday: 8am-12pm

Tuesday: 8am-12pm

Wednesday: 1pm-5pm

Thursday: 8am-12pm 

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