What Effect Do Nasal Problems Have On My Sleep?

What Effect Do Nasal Problems Have On My Sleep

We all know sinus issues can cause discomfort but you may be asking yourself, “Can sinus issues have an effect on the quality of my sleep?” Congestion or a runny nose can lead to coughing, trouble breathing, snoring, or even more serious problems such as sleep apnea. Some of these issues can be caused by laying down flat where the muscles in your throat relax causing mucus to pool in nasal cavities.

Every individual is different and the best way to help get a better night’s rest with little to no sinus issues will depend largely on the severity of your condition. Thankfully, we have experts who can explore some of these treatment options with you. Treatments such as topical steroids and nasal saline irrigation are helpful for more minor sinus issues.

Surgical treatments can be considered when issues become more problems such as a sinus infection. A balloon sinuplasty is a process that widens the sinus airways to clear blockages and assist with more regular airflow through the nasal passages. Additionally, because this procedure does not involve any major cutting or incisions, it is considered a less painful procedure compared to stand surgical procedures performed for ailments such as sinusitis.

If you are having trouble sleeping due to sinus issues, be sure to schedule an appointment with Wyoming Otolaryngology where we can explore the best available option for you.