About Us

Wyoming Otolaryngology was founded in 1967 and is one of the oldest medical practices in the state of Wyoming. Initially founded by Dr. Kent Christensen, Dr. Joseph Vigneri joined the practice in 1974. In that same year the practice became the first medical partnership in Central Wyoming and the next year became the first medical corporation. Dr. Eugene Podrazik arrived in 2001 at the retirement of Dr. Christensen, and Dr. Cope Norcross joined the practice in 2006. Dr. Cheryl Drost joined to provide audiology services in 2009. Colby Butler joined the practice in 2013.

Always seeking to advance patient care with new techniques and technology, in 1990 Wyoming Otolaryngology became the first ear, nose, and throat practice in the state to perform endoscopic sinus surgery. Since the 1980’s the practice has been one of the largest allergy practices in the state and the first to employ sublingual immunotherapy in 2007. Wyoming Otolaryngology continues to honor this heritage of advanced medical and surgical care to this day.