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Why Choose Wyoming Otolaryngology Audiology For Your Hearing Health Needs?

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“The hearing professionals at Wyoming Otolaryngology helped me reconnect with my family, friends and coworkers. My entire family is grateful for their expertise.”
– Chris Crossen | Casper, Wyoming

Wyoming Otolaryngology Audiology is the intelligent choice for your hearing health. We are a regional, long-established medical practice with a reputation for advancing patient care. We deliver comprehensive care for all of your hearing health needs. From hearing evaluation to rehabilitation to preservation, our hearing health professionals use the latest research and technology to deliver cutting-edge treatments for your hearing. We provide opportunities to improve your quality of life.

Wyoming Otolaryngology Audiology’s Cheryl Drost, a board certified, dispensing audiologist, is one of the state’s leading hearing technology specialists. She is also an accomplished author on hearing loss, early intervention and hearing conservation.

Wyoming Otolaryngology Audiology understands the science behind hearing and the brain. Our experienced medical team analyzes problems and delivers clinical treatment where needed. We also know the proper hearing instruments (formerly known as hearing aids) and appropriate assistive listening devices help you gain a better connection to your world. A custom treatment plan identifies the best solutions for you. We educate you about your options, so you can make the best decisions. Plus, we are always here for you—before, during and after treatment.

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