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Ear: Do conversations get lost in crowded rooms, or do your friends and family have to keep repeating themselves when you didn’t hear what they asked you the first time?

Nose Doctor in Casper and Douglas, WY

Nose: Do you have to keep an eye on the pollen forecast to predict whether or not you’ll be able to breathe the next day? Are sinus pressure and congestion driving you crazy?

Throat Doctor in Casper and Douglas, WY

Throat: Struggling with a persistent sore throat? Or do you constantly feel fatigued?

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Our team will help you:

  • Hear: You don’t have to live in a world that’s too quiet, too muffled, too distant, and too lonely. You should be able to tune in and connect with the world and especially with the ones you love!
  • Breathe: You shouldn’t have to lock yourself indoors when the pollen count spikes, nor should you have to squint through painful sinus headaches and pressure. Enjoy the outdoors again.
  • Speak: If you want to speak up and join the conversation when you have something to say, you should be able to do it—without pain and difficulty.
  • Live: You should have the energy and wherewithal (thanks to a healthy thyroid) to engage in your favorite activities.

In short, you should be able to enjoy hearing, smelling, breathing, talking, and singing—whatever you can do with your ears, nose, and throat. But if you do struggle with these essential life activities and enjoyments, then it’s time to take action today. Contact us at Wyoming Otolaryngology in Casper (307-337-9552) to schedule an appointment.

Our experienced team helps people in Casper get back to doing what they love. Our unique combination of experience, cutting-edge technology, and true concern for each one of our patients and their health brings folks back whenever they struggle with problems like hearing loss, allergies, voice and throat problems, and even thyroid disorders.

We go the extra mile to help you get the answers and solutions you need to any hearing, nose, and throat problem you have.

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Our Team

Eugene Podrazik, M.D., ENT Specialist

Eugene Podrazik, M.D.
ENT Specialist

Cope Norcross, M.D., FACS, FAAOA, ENT Specialist

Cope Norcross, M.D.
ENT Specialist

Caleb Wilson, M.D., ENT Specialist

Caleb Wilson, M.D.
ENT Specialist

Brittany Greenbaum, D.O., ENT Specialist

Brittany Greenbaum, D.O.
ENT Specialist

Why Go to an Otolaryngologist?

Otolaryngologists are medical specialists with extensive knowledge of the head, neck and ears. In fact, otolaryngologists are often referred to as ENT’s, which is short for Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors. Doctors have long known that these three areas are intertwined, and otolaryngology is the oldest known medical specialty in the United States. Otolaryngologists are qualified to perform surgeries in the delicate tissues of the head and neck. We can treat many medical issues from hearing loss and balance issues, to sinusitis, laryngitis, allergies, and more. 

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