Throat Infection Treatment in Casper, WY

Whether you were a little overzealous cheering for your favorite football team, or dealing with post-nasal drip, sore throats happen. But sore throats can also be a sign of infection. If you have any signs of a fever, pus in the throat, or difficulty swallowing, you should make an appointment to get it checked out.

While it may be that you’re only suffering a cold, some throat infections, such as strep throat or mononucleosis, can be more serious if left untreated.

Why Do I Keep Getting Throat Infections?

Why do I keep getting throat infections?

Most throat infections are caused by viral infections and will go away by themselves. In children, nearly 40 percent of sore throats are related to strep throat, which is a bacterial infection commonly treated with antibiotics. Over time, most people develop immunity to strep, though adults can get it too. Chronic sinus infections can also spread to the throat if unchecked.

Everyone suffers from sore throats over the course of the year. But if it feels like you’re getting throat infections all the time, make an appointment to come see us. Our ENTs at Wyoming Otolaryngology will make sure there are no underlying causes.

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