Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Do you wheeze, even though you don’t have asthma? Is your voice hoarse, or worse, totally gone? Vocal cord dysfunction, or the abnormal closure or paralysis of your vocal cords, can come on strong and make it difficult to breathe much less speak. Sadly, while vocal cord dysfunction is often confused for asthma, asthma medications won’t help.

What Causes Vocal Cord Dysfunction and Paralysis?

What Causes vocal cord Dysfunction and Paralysis?

No one knows exactly what causes vocal cord dysfunction, though researchers are exploring connections between VCD and anxiety, GERD, or environmental irritants as these all appear to trigger a VCD reaction. 

Vocal Cord Dysfunction Treatments

We’ll need to do a full evaluation to determine whether you have VCD and what triggers it. We may suggest treatments that help you control your vocal cords such as speech therapy or breathing exercises. Or we may explore treatments for GERD or ipratropium bromide inhalers.

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