4 Tips To Protect Your Hearing This Fourth of July


With Fourth of July just around the corner, we’re all getting excited for the bright light shows, delicious barbecue foods, and time spent with friends and family. One thing none of us get excited for, or maybe even think about? Hearing damage!

The leading hearing health experts at Wyoming Otolaryngology would like to help you be prepared this year with the following tips to protect your and your loved ones’ ears:

1. Keep a Safe Distance. Did you know that fireworks going off can produce the same sound impact as a jet engine? Both can reach 150 decibels or higher of sound, so keeping a distance of over 3 feet is not only better for your hearing, but safer overall. Consider going to a community event rather than setting off fireworks at home.

2. Use Hearing Protection Ear plugs are typically easy to come across, and the muffled sound will help to protect your hearing from damage. If for any reason you’re unable to get ear plugs and you happen to get in a situation with loud sounds, cover your ears and move away from the sound. While this isn’t the best option of all, it will be better than nothing.

3. There’s an App For That! There truly is an app for everything, including measuring decibels of a noise. According to the AHSA, it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to sounds over 85 decibels to prevent hearing loss. Apps like “Sound ✓” will measure the sounds levels in your environment to assist you in avoiding these exposures. (Google Play | Apple iTunes)

4. Have fun and be safe! Being considerate of your hearing health now will help you to continue to enjoy Independence Day festivities and sounds for years to come. Protect yourself and your loved ones with these simple steps, and have a Happy Fourth of July!