Common Signs & Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Anyone can have a hearing loss. If you think you or someone you love does- you’re not alone. If you relate to any of the following four, it may be time to have your hearing evaluated.

Difficulty Following Conversation
If you have trouble following conversation when two or more people are talking or straining to understand conversation in noisy or quiet environments, this may be a sign that your hearing performance isn’t where it should be. This sometimes leads to embarrassing situations like inappropriate responses, repeatedly asking others what they said, or fearful of being called on at meetings or in school because comments or questions are hard to understand.

Listening to Television or Music at a High Volume
Is the television volume often louder than others prefer? Do family members ask for the music volume to be lowered? This may mean that you or someone else cannot understand what is being said or sung at appropriate levels.

Noises or “Ringing” in the Ear (called Tinnitus)
If you have ringing or buzzing in your ears, you are not alone; noises in the ears (tinnitus), is a common problem for more than 20 million in the U.S. alone. Although ringing or buzzing are the most common sounds heard, tinnitus is any sound you may hear that is not present in your external environment. Most of the time, it is due to hearing loss or loud noise exposure but this should be evaluated by medical personnel to rule out contributing health concerns.

Lack of Hearing Environmental Sounds
People with hearing loss often miss car turn signals, beeps on timers and microwave ovens, songbirds, etc. Those that don’t startle when loud sounds are present, show signs of slowing cognitive performance, or any family concerns should be evaluated by a reputable audiology and ENT team like Wyoming Otolaryngology.

Do any of the signs and symptoms listed above sound familiar to you or a loved one? If so, we’re here to help. With today’s tools and technology, we have solutions readily available to offer those with hearing concerns.

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