Holidays and Your Hearing

It’s your favorite time of year, full of brisk mornings and crisp frosts, leaves and snow crunching beneath your feet and people laughing and talking with each other about their holiday plans in the coming months. The holidays are finally here, and your home is filling with smells of dinner and festive desserts. Your spouse has been answering the phone all morning as they’re preparing the main course for the evening, filling guests in on last-minute details for the afternoon’s get-together.

You certainly would help manage those phone calls, but the phone’s high-pitched ringing just isn’t as easy to hear as it used to be. Instead you volunteer to tidy up outside and, come to think of it, while those crunching leaves still feel nostalgic and seasonal, you do miss the festive sound of them beneath your boots.

The excitement of seeing your grandchildren has you filled with joy, but maybe you’re feeling a bit anxious about listening to their latest school stories as their sweet little voices are getting harder and harder to clearly decipher.

From the moment the doorbell rings with visitors to the big dinner with family members asking you to “Pass the salt, please,” the holidays are filled with sounds. Wyoming’s leading hearing health experts at Wyoming Otolaryngology are here to help make sure you don’t miss a moment this holiday season.

We offer a wide range of hearing instrument styles and technologies to help make your holidays clearer. From watching the big game after dinner with bluetooth-compatible devices to carrying on conversations with the people you love most without missing a moment, we can connect you with the right tool to make your holiday experience a great one.

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and the familiar smells and sounds we all come to appreciate as tradition. Wyoming Otolaryngology can help make sure you’re able to soak in all the sounds of the holidays–from the giggles of little ones to loving conversations with family members, don’t miss a moment. Call us today at (307) 577-4240 to start the conversation.