ASK THE EXPERTS: What Are Sinus Infections And Are They Hereditary?

Did I get sinus infections from my parents - Image

Also known as sinusitis, sinus infections can be caused by various factors that cause inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining within the sinuses. Some conditions that trigger sinus infections may be viruses such as the common cold, a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or allergies(or allergic rhinitis, the swelling of the lining in the nose caused by allergens). 

Though some problems that cause sinus infections run in families, there is not an “allergic gene” you can inherit. For example, if one parent has allergies, their child may have a 30-35% chance of also having allergies. If both parents have allergies, their child may be up to a 50% chance of having allergies. 

It is not normal to have multiple sinus infections, once a year should be rare for most people. Allergies, sinus abnormalities, immune function, and past infections can all lead to problems that cause multiple, recurrent, or chronic sinus infections. Thankfully, these things can all be treated so infections are rare and easier to manage. 

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