ASK THE EXPERTS: Why Did I Lose My Hearing?

Loss of hearing can be frustrating but not impossible to deal with.

Hearing loss can occur gradually over time and can be really frustrating for communication in daily living. Exposure to loud noises, medications, genetics, head trauma, and medical pathologies all may contribute to hearing loss. Combinations of any of all of the above mentioned can exacerbate hearing loss and other auditory symptoms such as tinnitus (often described as ‘ringing’ or noises perceived in the ear or head). Although most types of hearing loss cannot be reversed, a thorough evaluation by our hearing health and medical professionals can help identify health issues that may also negatively impact hearing. A sudden hearing loss should be addressed right away for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. 

Signs of hearing loss may include, but are not limited to, struggling to understand conversation from a distance, without visual cues (such as masks, phone calls, radio), or in background noise such as restaurants. Thankfully, a full hearing evaluation can provide helpful information regarding the type of degree of hearing loss as well as solutions, strategies, and opportunities to address the hardships of hearing difficulties. Times with friends, family, and business may once again be enriched by solutions available today. 

Schedule your appointment today to investigate your hearing loss and experience the positive changes through good support, diagnosis, and strategic solutions. Wyoming Otolaryngology is a group of highly trained medical and technical professionals so ‘ask the experts’.

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