ASK THE EXPERTS: What is the Most Effective, Long-Lasting Allergy Treatment?

The weather is warming up! Flowers are beginning to bud and trees are blooming. But with Spring comes discomfort for those who experience seasonal allergies; sneezing, congestion, a runny nose, and other bothersome symptoms don’t excite the millions of people who deal with seasonal allergies every year. Many ask us, “what is the most effective, long-lasting allergy treatment?” 

By far the most effective and long-lasting allergy treatment is called immunotherapy. Simply put, immunotherapy is a way of teaching your body how to tolerate the things which you are allergic to. Normally, immunotherapy involves giving gradually increasing doses of a substance or allergen to which a person is allergic. This process causes the immune system to become less sensitive to an allergen which helps with long-term treatment. 

There are various types of immunotherapy such as allergy shots and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). Both of these types help the body build resistance to the effects of an allergen. 

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