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Wyoming Otolaryngology

Wyoming’s Sinus and Allergy experts for over 25 years

At Wyoming Otolaryngology we understand your symptoms and the underlying causes.

Sinus and allergy issues can range from annoying to life altering and quite debilitating. Some may have existed for years, be the result of an injury, or may be a recent development. We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of all problems and diseases of the nose and sinuses.

Sinus Issues and Allergies

We understand the difficulties that nasal problems can present to you and your loved ones. These include:

• trouble sleeping
• nasal congestion
• sore throats
• hoarseness
• difficulty getting enough oxygen

• exhaustion
• chronic drainage
• cough
• reduced ability to exercise
• reduced quality of life

Allergies are one of the most commonly diagnosed and treated conditions in the United States, but often not very successfully for the patient. We use current research and advanced techniques to help you treat your sinus and allergy problems and control your symptoms.

We have a track record of over 25 years successfully treating allergies in patients of all ages.

Wyoming Otolaryngology specializes in the medical, and when needed, surgical treatments, and are trained in advanced, minimally invasive, endoscopic surgical techniques, including:
• Allergy Testing, including skin and blood testing
• Allergy testing for inhalants (like pollens and danders) as well as foods
• Allergy immunotherapy, including traditional allergy shots as well as sublingual drops
•In office procedures, such as sinus balloon dilation and turbinate reduction, among others

Tired of dealing with allergies?

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We offer evaluation and treatment of nasal allergies, both seasonal and perennial. This includes allergy testing and immunotherapy, when needed. Testing is conducted in about an hour in our office, with your comfort and safety as a priority.

We are the specialists.

Sinus infections and blockage can range from slight annoyances to life-altering problems. We specialize in examination, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatments for diseases of the sinus and nasal cavities.

Ear Infections and Disorders

Your ears and sinuses are connected, so sinus congestion can affect the pressure in your ears — sometimes causing ear blockage, swelling, or infection. Our physicians and audiologists are highly trained and experienced in testing, diagnosis, and treating problems with the ears.