Allergies are one of the most commonly diagnosed and treated conditions in the United States, but often not very successfully for the patient. At Wyoming Otolaryngology we understand your allergy symptoms and the underlying immune processes that are causing your symptoms. Using the most advanced information and research, we can help you treat your allergies and control your symptoms. We have a long and experienced record with allergy diagnosis and treatment, testing and treating allergic patients for over 25 years.

We offer evaluation and treatment of nasal allergies, both seasonal and perennial. This includes allergy testing and immunotherapy, when needed. Testing is conducted over about an hour in our office, with your comfort and safety as a priority. We can comfortably test most adults and children down to the age of two years old, with certain exclusions. Immunotherapy is conducted via the traditional weekly injections administered in our office or by sublingual immunotherapy that can be administered at home.

Sublingual immunotherapy, the most recent advance in allergy treatment, allows home immunotherapy by placing drops under the tongue without the need for the traditional shots. It has been shown to be very well tolerated with excellent allergy control.

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